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Welcome to the Garey High School’s Counselors’ page.

Visit your Grade Level Google Classroom for current updates provided by counselors 

School Code:  05251


9th Grade – Mrs. Sanchez or Mr. Diep

10th Grade – Mrs. Fasting or Mr. Diep

11th Grade – Mrs. Escobedo or Mr. Diep

12th Grade – Mrs. Brotherton or Mr. Diep

“The mission of the PUSD school counseling program is to ensure all students receive the knowledge, attitude, and skills needed in academic, college/career and social/emotional development. In partnership with parents and the community, school counselors are advocates for equity, access and success for all students. School counselors empower students with a well-rounded, challenging, and quality educational program to flourish as responsible productive citizens in the 21st century.”

Graduation Requirements 

English :: 40 credits

Math :: 30 credits

Science :: 20 credits (Biological & Physical Science)

Social Sciences :: 30 credits

Health :: 5 credits

PE :: 20 credits

Fine & Performing Arts OR Foreign Language :: 10 credits

Vocational Education :: 10 credits

Tech Proficiency :: 5 credits

Electives :: 50 credits


Total :: 220 credits