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Summer School 2022

Hello Garey HS Students and Families,


Garey High School’s 2022 Summer School is fast approaching.  Students who have registered, can locate their schedule on Student Connect.  To view your schedule select the Garey High School (ST 330 21/22) track.  Below are some important details about this year’s Summer School.


  •   Summer School Dates
      • Semester 1  - June 2 - June 16
      • Semester 2 – June 17 – July 1
  •      All "Online" classes are on campus and in person
  •     School begins at 7:45 am and ends at 2:00 pm
  •     In summer school there are NO excused absences
  •     Attendance is crucial and students who are absent 2 or more days will be DROPPED
  •     Students earn five (5) credits for each semester that is successfully completed with a passing grade of A-D
  •     Any discipline issues will not be tolerated during Summer School
  •     Any Student who misbehaves can be permanently removed


We look forward to working with you this summer!