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AP Summer Assignments

Please go to Google Classroom and enter the class code for the course you are going take in the 2018-2019 school year.  There you will find any summer assignements required by the teacher.  All summer assignments are required to be completed before the school year begins unless the teacher states otherwise.  Some classes do not have a Google Classroom and may only have a file you to download.   



AP English Language:  Class Code = qvowp

AP English Literature:  Class Code = y54a49




AP Calculus A/B:  Class Code = 65l5zu

AP Calculus B/C:  Class Code = 5cyhuy

AP Statistics:  Class Code = asjuwr




AP Environmental Science


AP Physics 1


AP Physics 2


AP Chemistry


AP Biology



History / Social Science

AP US History


AP World Histor:  Download these files:

AP Government& Politics:  Use Class 


AP Macroeconomics


Foreign Language

AP Spanish Language


AP Spanish Literature