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Criminal Justice Academy




The Criminal Justice Academy is a two year course. Year one is identified as Law Enforcement/Advanced Law Enforcement. Year two is identified as Criminal Justice Systems A/B. Students will receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of each year. Students completing two years will receive an Honor Cord to display during graduation ceremonies.

The curriculum focuses on Law Enforcement protocol, History of Law Enforcement, and Courtroom Procedures. In addition to the fundamental curriculum components, all students are required to observe and participate in a variety of practical application exercises and classroom assignments.

Students will observe in the classroom and multiple outside settings, how to apply Law Enforcement/Forensic Science tactics to solve crimes, write reports, and participate in team projects.  Students will have the opportunity to explore careers in law enforcement by shadowing, mentoring, and observation of Academy Instructor, Law Enforcement guest speakers, and converse with college representatives. The curriculum has been approved by the Garey High School Criminal Justice Academy Advisory Committee.


Stephen Gutierrez

Academy Instructor