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Community Schools

Community School Team at Garey focuses on three student areas: Chronic Absenteeism, Victims of Crime, and Drop Outs. We are well aware students face many barriers keeping them from being successful at school. The team has identified some common barriers and has been working to support students in the areas of poverty, transportation, McKinney-Vento, and bullying. Although we focus on three areas, if a student faces any of these barriers, we support the best we can. First we establish a relationship and with time students seek our help. Although poverty is not an issue to be solved overnight, students and their families receive support with basic needs like clothing, shoes, and groceries. It is our belief that students need support at home to also be successful, which is why the services are offered to the whole family. McKinney Vento students are often displaced and usually end up further from school. We help them obtain bus passes and offer basic services. Although bus passes often go to McKinney-Vento students, they are offered to other  students on a case by case scenario. In addition to basic services to the family and student, we hold group meetings to work with students on attendance. This year we will host various workshops for students and families around mental health, academic support, and well being.


Community School Coordinator Role:

  • Facilitate strategic implementation of the community school strategy
  • Conduct needs and asset assessment annually
  • Advocate for additional funding and partnerships
  • Provide family support services to community school and feeder pattern


Family Services Caseworker Specialist

  • Case management (social services, parent involvement, mental health referrals)
  • Parent-Child activities and education programs
  • Initiates and attends home visits with respect to attendance and other school issues