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Club List



Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

We promote equality for LGBTQ community.


In AVID we teach skills and behaviors for academic success, provides intensive support with tutorials and strong student/teacher relationships, creates a positive peer group for students, develops a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination.


Garey Girls

We donate to the community and feed the homeless, all the while having fun and bonding with females on the Garey Campus.

c/o 2019

We plan out senior events, fundraisers and to have a good year by using leadership skills, communication and student collaborations to ensure that senior year is memorable.

Freshmen Senate

c/o  2022

Groups of freshman students receive training in leadership to prepare for cabinet and becoming class officers.


Fall Semester- Preparing freshman to take over leadership role

Spring-Votes for Freshman class cabinet to increase participation for class of 2022

c/o 2021

The Junior class creates activities and events to prepare for senior year. Each activity is meant to bring students and staff closer together as we continue with our educational career. The events are meant to create lasting bonds and positive relationships for our graduating class.

c/o 2020

Sophomore students raise money for senior year to ensure the events are a collaboration of the individuals in our current council. 

Ping Pong

We enjoy playing ping pong and we  build community.

Drama Club

We plan to fundraise to improve our stage, props and overall performance skills.


We aim to inspire Garey through dance with a family environment and spread school spirit.


We entertain and perform in many concerts throughout the community.


We promote Latino rights and embrace Chicano/Latino culture.

Assisting Individuals Mission by Mission (AIM)

Our goal is to provide necessities to people in need, especially in Pomona first. Members will also learn about the importance of communication and sustainability.


We aspire to spread cheer, excite and pump up football/basketball and the audience that attends the games. Promote healthy bonds and relationships within our team as we ignite the spirit on campus.

The Gamers Club

Help students relax and relieve stress during the school day.

Cubing Club

We aim to provide a safe place to practice and learn to solve twisty puzzles such as Rubiks cubes and access resources to assist with expanding into the speed cubing community.

Foreign Language and Culture Club

We promote cultural diversity and acceptance while also facility communication amongst parents, teachers, students, and staff; Provide an overall more comfortable environment for non-English speakers.

Key Club

We service program that interacts with the community provide volunteer opportunities to anyone, and be more involved with our community.


We aspire to help each member grow with music and support one another for a successful year with musical lessons and performances.

Cooking Club

Our is to teach students how to cook and follow recipes as well as to introduce them to new cultures in the food made.

Criminal Justice Academy

We aim to enroll students in criminal justice and who are interested in law enforcement or a career in criminal justice field and to enhance curriculum.


We try capturing memories and adding to yearbook, and create design, layout and specific pictures to add to yearbook.

Political Science

We want kids to have an open mind and see things in other people’s point of view.


The purpose of this club is to inspire all students to enter stem fields. This club would like to implement perseverance within all students and allow them to use their creativity. We would like students to be able to see how stem could benefit their future.



Math Club

We aim to develop and master math skills and concepts through competitions, games, and activities, we hope to accomplish these goals through fundraisers and dedication.


We aim to develop computer programming and engineering for our  members.


We enter engineering and math competitions.